Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pick of the Week: Flank Hawk, by Terry W. Ervin II

Editors Note: This kicks off our very first SSP Blog Pick of the Week segment, which will highlight a book, author, and publisher that we recommend for you to try out. Expect some variety in these picks, which will be made by our blogging staff. The writer making the pick of the week will be credited with the post. We feel that publishing is a unique (and quite hard) industry to be in, and we hope we can help you find some quality authors and presses in the process of these picks.

Pick of the Week (#1): Flank Hawk, by Terry W Ervin II (Gryphonwood Press)
-selection made by Stephen Zimmer

The Book:
What happens when fire-breathing dragons battle Stukas for aerial supremacy over a battlefield? Can an earth wizard's magic defeat a panzer? Krish, a farmhand turned mercenary, witnesses this and much more as he confronts the Necromancer King's new war machines resurrected from before the First Civilization's fall. Worse yet, a wounded prince tasks Krish to find the fabled Colonel of the West and barter the royal family's malevolent Blood-Sword for a weapon to thwart the Necromancer King's victory. Flank Hawk is set in the distant future where magic exists and brutish ogres are more than a child's nightmare. (Synopsis from listing

The Author:
Terry W. Ervin II is an English teacher who enjoys writing Fantasy and Science Fiction. He is an editor for MindFlights, a guest columnist for Fiction Factor and is the author of over two dozen short stories and articles. Flank Hawk is his debut novel. When Terry isn't writing or enjoying time with his wife and daughters, he can be found in his basement raising turtles. To contact Terry, or to learn more about his writing endeavors, visit his website at

The Publisher: Founded in 2004 as a fantasy print/webzine, Gryphonwood Press publishes speculative fiction novels in print, including epic and modern fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk, and adventure with a touch of the supernatural. Gryphonwood is committed to introducing talented new voices to the field of speculative fiction. The roster of Gryphonwood Press includes authors such as David Wood, Jim Bernheimer, Terry W. Ervin II, and Sherry Thompson. Visit Gryphonwood Press on the web at

My Comments: I am going to be doing a full review of Flank Hawk very soon, when I get enough of a time window to do a good one, but suffice it to say that this was one of my highlight reads of the year. I'm giving it five stars. Terry takes some definite chances with this book, in crossing some genres by bringing in things like Panzers and Stukas to a fantasy-based setting with dragons and the like. A risk like this could have gone either way, descending into something very silly or soaring, and I can tell you that the latter was achieved in Flank Hawk. Terry's prose flows, his characters really shine (and the mercenary elements evoked some of the things I loved about one of my favorite fantasy authors, Glen Cook, in his Black Company series), and it is anything but predictable. I highly recommend Flank Hawk, which is the first book in a series, if you would like to indulge in a truly original fantasy read.

So Make Terry W. Ervin II's Flank Hawk from Gryphonwood Press the SSP Blog's Pick of the Week!

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