Monday, September 19, 2011

Pick of the Week: The Cold Ones, By Elizabeth Donald

Pick of the Week (#3): The Cold Ones, by Elizabeth Donald
(Sam's Dot Publishing)
-selection made by Stephen Zimmer

The Book: How do you kill someone who's already dead?

It was an experiment. A way to create a better soldier. Efficient. Ruthless. Unclouded by conscience.

But some things shouldn't be altered. Some creatures are best left to myth. Because you shouldn't have to pray to just stay dead.

Major Harvey's team has already lost some of their comrades as they struggle to contain Its insidious influence. Now she leads the few survivors in a desperate fight to keep the Cold Ones away from the mainland. Away from us.
And the man at her side has only a little time left.

The Author: Elizabeth Donald is a writer fond of things that go chomp in the night. She is the author of the Nocturnal Urges vampire mystery series and numerous short stories and novellas in the horror, science fiction and erotica genres – and a three-time winner of the Darrell Award for speculative fiction, including one for her short-story collection, “Setting Suns.” By day, she is a reporter in the St. Louis region, which provides her with an endless source of material, and writes CultureGeek, a pop-culture newspaper column. Her latest releases include "Blackfire," a sequel to her bestselling zombie novella, "The Cold Ones."

The Publisher: Sam's Dot Publishing, based out of Cedar Rapid's Iowa, is an outstanding speculative fiction publisher whose catalog numbers several hundred publications, including magazines, anthologies, trade paperbacks, and chap books. For further information on Sam's Dot Publishing, you can visit their official website at

My Comments: Elizabeth Donald is a superb writer, who is well-known for her vampire tales in the Nocturnal Urges series. In The Cold Ones, Elizabeth explores another realm of the undead with a very engaging zombie story. The Cold Ones is a fast-paced read, with loads of action, several memorable characters, and some nice emotive touches. Readers will come to love Elizabeth's trademark wit and sharp edge, both of which are in full evidence in this story. She introduces a wonderful protagonist in Major Sara Harvey, whose tongue and no-nonsense attitude are as sharp as her fighting skills. The Cold Ones sets up what promises to be a very good series of zombie fiction, as the story continues in strong fashion in the second installment, Blackfire.

So make Elizabeth Donald's The Cold Ones from Sam's Dot Publishing the SSP Blog's Pick of the Week!

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