Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pick of the Week: Brine, by Adrienne Jones

Pick of the Week (#2): Brine, by Adrienne Jones
(Creative Guy Publishing)
– Selection made by Rodney Carlstrom

The Book:
Meet Elliot, respected Cape Cod painter. Unbeknownst to his admirers, Elliot's got some demons in his past. When he tries to paint them out of his system, his plan backfires. Now Elliot's got some demons in his present and future as well.

Spawned by a power of both mind and matter, Elliot's demons are very real, very weird, and very, very pissed off.

The people in Elliot's life called him 'closed off.' So he looked inside himself. Deep inside. What he found, he brought to the surface. Now its violent manifestations are holding him hostage at his beachside cabin. Worst of all, they know how to sing and dance. (Synopsis taken from

The Author: Adrienne Jones is the author of the books Brine, Gypsies stole my Tequila, The Hoax, and editor of the collection Grimm and Grimmer. She spent her early life in the Boston area, where her parents fed her an endless menu of mystery novels to keep her quiet. Ultimately moving to Vermont, she ate cheese, tried to ski and fell down a lot, but remained in the Green Mountain State until earning a Bachelor's Degree in Communication. Thereafter she trekked back down to the flatlands where she worked various jobs as a journalist, film maker, office-grunt an copywriter. She now lives in Rhode Island and writes full time.

The Publisher: Creative Guy Publishing is a small publisher in Vancouver Canada, which has put out a number of noteworthy titles since 2002, including Amityville House of Pancakes series, numerous chapbooks, audiobooks, and e-book novellas, Tales of Moreauvia historical SF Magazine, and many more unique publications. At CGP we bring you the unusual, but not the alienating.

My Comments: Last year when I went about narrowing down my Top 10 List of 2010, I wasn't at all surprised to find Adrienne Jones' Brine near the very top. Any book that will keep me up well past my bedtime, automatically deserves my attention. I haven't had many books like that come to my attention, but Brine did, and I managed to read it in one mindblowing sitting. With this novel, Jones does a marvelous job with keeping the pace smooth, and quick, filling it full of memorable characters, and a kick ass plot that keeps you guessing with each page. Brine reminded me of King's Duma Key, except it had been amped to twelve, and allowed to snort an arm-length line of coke. It starts out weird, and quickly goes to weirder, and ends at extremely weird. If you like fish, and author's with an imagination beyond your typical mass-market blasé mentality, then pick up a copy of Brine.

So Make Adrienne Jones' Brine from Creative Guy Publishing the SSP Blog's Pick of the Week!

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