Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Overkill Free on Amazon Kindle Today and Tomorrow!

Overkill Free on Amazon Kindle Today and Tomorrow!

Yes, that's right, SSP has another free gift for you, so you can discover the amazing world created by Steven Shrewsbury and go along with that 700+ year old warrior Gorias La Gaul on a great adventure.

Overkill will be free on Amazon Kindle both today and tomorrow, May 8 and May 9, so be sure to pick up your copy and share the Amazon link with your friends.  Anyone that enjoys iconic, heroic figures like Robert E. Howard's Conan will find alot to like in Overkill and any of the Gorias La Gaul adventures like Thrall, Insurmountable, and Author and Finisher of Our Flesh.

Click below to go straight to the Amazon Kindle page for Overkill:


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