Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Free eBook Bulletin Page!

Today we are debuting a new page here at the SSP blog, the Free eBook Bulletin!

Here you will find whatever eBook offers are going on live with Seventh Star Press, and we'll give you hints on some upcoming ones, and you will also find out about giveaways with other presses and authors that we want to support!  

Today, check out the page, bookmark it, and find out about both The Brotherhood of Dwarves eBook giveaway going on all day today (Wednesday, May 1) for Amazon Kindle, and also an extravaganza from our friends at Hydra Publications, where they have no less that TEN authors involved in one big open house, all titles free on Kindle both today and tomorrow (May 2 and 3).

Check out the great new page today and get some free eBooks!

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