Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Do Yourself A Writer's Disservice

Photo by Peter Welmerink

Do yourself a writer's disservice and...

Only for a little while, mind you. Because, like me, if I don't write after a while I tend to build up with all sorts of stories and ideas and insanity and threaten to explode.
Sometimes though, as a writer, you need to turn off, well okay, reduce the volume, put the writer's clock on SNOOZE, and get out there, get outside, and breathe the air, stick your toes in the sand, and revel in life.
I don't care what you do. You can hang out with some friends for the weekend. You can go for a long drive, with all the windows rolled down (keep the AC on if its just too hot), or simply take a step outside, drag a lawn chair along or whatever you have, and take a seat and just look at the blue sky and nature and everything around you. Even if it is a cloudy, crappy day, with rain, shut off the writer's chatterbox for a bit and go and...
Sometimes, like Facebook, you just need to shut things off, shut things down, and go native. You know, native, like before the writing bug bit ya and you were forever happily afflicted with having to write and weave stories in whichever you were blessed to weave them.
There is no harm and no foul if you get out, spend a little time with your family, your friends, even just some down time with yourself, and breathe the air. In fact, just as not writing will make your head explode, so will not going out and living and seeing what the real world is up to.
It doesn't count, checking into the real world, if you simply grab a newspaper or watch the television news or check the latest horror story on Yahoo. No, you need to disconnect and go outside, go to a favorite park, a lake, a high, OPEN AIR, vantage point over your city...and breathe and take it all in.
We get wrapped around the axle with writing. It's in our blood and we have to do it, MUST do it to survive. But you will grind yourself and your imagination, your creativity, down to a little frustrated nub if you ignore life and living and the natural world.
Do yourself a writer's SERVICE and get out there and breathe the air once in a while, take the world in, re-charge the literary batteries...
Then go back and abuse the keyboard, or blank pad of paper, and write write write!
Peter Welmerink has been writing since he found a stash of notebooks in a hallway cabinet drawer in grade school and began to scribe incredible tales of adventure and mayhem. He writes Epic Fantasy and Military Adventure fiction. He can be found at, and

TRANSPORT, his fictional Military Post-Post Apoc Zombie Thriller series, is available now. The events of the tale are set in and around Grand Rapids, Michigan. Childhood dream of massive adventure in his hometown brought back to life and published. Bazinga! Dream it. Do it. 

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