Monday, February 2, 2015

Reloaded, Recharged & Ready to Rock.

Good morning, Internet!

My, oh my, it's been quiet around these parts lately. Let me assure you, while the silence has persisted (we apologize for that), Stephen and I have been quite busy behind the scenes. Back toward the end of last year, he invited me in to help out a little bit with some of the admin work. We decided shortly after to take a bit of a publishing hiatus to get SSP's affairs in order, but we're in a good position now, and we're coming back stronger than ever.

February marks the beginning of a new journey for the Seventh Star Family. 2014 was a less than pleasant year for quite a few of us, so we've made it a personal goal to make 2015 spectacular. To do that, though, we have to make some pretty big changes. They're all good changes, I promise.

The biggest change you out there in Bloggerland will notice is the introduction of guest posts from SSP authors to this blog. On a regular basis our authors will be in to discuss all manner of topics related to the speculative fiction universe. We'll be making bigger, better announcements, and putting this space to good use.

Over the coming weeks we'll also be updating the main website and storefront in preparation for some big events coming down the tube. I'll leave you to wonder about those, but I can promise you one thing: they'll be awesome.

On the admin side, we're moving into a more streamlined production schedule. You'll start to see new releases roll out again in the next few weeks, and we have some exciting announcements coming up! I won't bore you with the details right now, though. You see, our little family is important to us, and we feel it's best to put the focus on the books and their creators, not what we're doing behind the scenes. We're the support team for creativity and talent. Each book in our catalog is its own work of art, and it's our mission to provide the world the opportunity to witness the spectacle that is these amazing authors.

In keeping with the "Authors First" tradition, the admin team is committed to producing and marketing the best possible product. We have to stick together, because in the end, family is all we really have. And we have such a great family here! So much talent, so many great personalities... I love each of them and feel honored to be part of such a special group.

Stay tuned, kids. There's lots more fun to be had in Camp SSP.


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  1. Good to hear! Looking forward to seeing the SSP juggernaut kicking it into high gear again.