Sunday, July 29, 2012

SSP Store Re-launch and 2 Nook titles added!

Revamped Online Store and 2 Nook Additions!

The SSP store doesn't carry books alone, we have a great selection of 14X20 posters featuring artwork from the books, as well as high-quality screen-printed t-shirts with illustration images.  If you have not been to the SSP site recently, it features an all new look, cleaner, brighter, and easier to navigate than ever before.

to see the array of poster art and t-shirts visit:

New t-shirt design featuring artwork from Poseidon's Children

New t-shirt design featuring artwork from Cinema of Shadows

New Team RJ t-shirts for fans of RJ Sullivan!

SSP is also offering Steven Shrewsbury's Sword and Sorcery tour de force Overkill for the first time on the Nook, and D.A. Adams' The Brotherhood of Dwarves (YA Fantasy) is being made available again on the Nook as well.  Both titles feature the interior artwork found in all other versions.

Both titles are just $3.99.

For Overkill, visit this link:

For The Brotherhood of Dwarves, use this link:

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