Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pick of the Week: Choices Meant for Gods, by Sandy Lender

Pick of the Week (#10): Choices Meant for Gods, by Sandy Lender
(ArcheBooks Publishing)
-selection made by Stephen Zimmer

The Book:Not even the gods noticed when Chariss was born with the mark of The Protector. Now she and her wizard guardian seek shelter from a mad sorcerer in a household not just full of secrets and false hope, but watched by the god who will unwittingly reveal her role in an impending war.

When an orphan sets aside a lifetime of running and fear to accept the responsibilities of guarding an arrogant deity, can she face the trials in the prophecies she uncovers? Will Nigel Taiman of her latest refuge dare to use his dragon heritage to bind her to his estate or to help her in her duty?

The Author:Fantasy enthusiasts will recognize Sandy Lender as the author of the breakout novel Choices Meant for Gods and a leader of workshops on world-building and characterization. Her four-year degree in English and seventeen-year career in magazine publishing augment her book publishing experience for a variety of presentations.

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The Publisher: ArcheBooks Publishing is an independent commercial trade publisher of original Hardcover Editions, our own proprietary paperback ArcheBookZine, and eBooks (PDF and Kindle).

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My Comments: Choices Meant for Gods was Sandy Lender's first novel, and what a debut novel it was! Well-written, imaginative, and full of diverse, distinctive characters, the novel is the first of the "Choices" trilogy.

Chariss is a very strong heroine, and is complimented very well by Nigel Taiman, who she becomes very inclined towards later in the story. It is a world where gods walk the earth in human form, a pantheon containing an array of individuals with different personalities and interests. Anyone familiar with Roman, Greek, or Norse gods will easily connect with these characters. On the other side of the equation is Jamieson Drake and Julette, a dragon who walks the earth in human form. The conflict between the two villains make for a very interesting element within the book. Overall, it is a fantastic book that readers of fantasy and those who enjoy myths about Roman/Greek-style pantheons.


So make Choices Meant for Gods the SSP Blog Pick of the Week.

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  1. Thanks Stephen here is a book I know my mother would love. She loves all the books I mention to her, I totally deserve major brownie points.

  2. Thank you for the kind words, Stephen! A ton of readers have fallen in love with Chariss so I'm glad to see you like her, too.

    It's an honor to be Seventh Star Press blog's pick of the week!

    From Sandy Lender
    "Some days, you just want the dragon to win."