Monday, October 31, 2011

Pick of Week: Asylum, by Mark Allan Gunnells

Pick of the Week (#9): Asylum, by Mark Allan Gunnells
(Zombie Feed Press)
-selection made by Rodney Carlstrom

The Book:Curtis, a young college student is dragged to his first gay club by his best friend Jimmy for a night of dancing, drinking and sex... at least until the dead start to rise and attack the club. Trapped inside the Asylum are a small band of survivors, including a drag queen, a male stripper, a Vietnam vet bartender, a pretentious gay couple, and an unstable DJ. Will this motley crew survive the hungry undead rattling the sealed-off doors? Will they survive each other? Will they survive their own personal demons? Asylum recalls George Romero's classic Night of the Living Dead – except with more gore and a more current social message. (Synopsis from

The Author: Mark Allan Gunnells is 37 years old and holds a degree in English and Psychology. He is the author of the Sideshow Press Book A LAYMON KIND OF NIGHT, WHISONANT/CREATURES OF THE LIGHT, TALES FROM THE MIDNIGHT SHIT VOL. 1, and DARK TREATS, as well as the novella ASYLUM from The Zombie Feed, the digital collection GHOSTS IN THE ATTIC from Bad Moon Books, and the forthcoming novel THE QUARRY from Evil Jester Press. A small town boy at heart, he still lives in his hometown of Gaffney, SC, with his partner of 10 years.

The Publisher: The Zombie Feed Press (TZF Press) is a specialized imprint of Apex Publications and publishes zombie novels, novellas, and anthologies.

My Comments: With Halloween just around the corner, I thought it would be appropriate to focus in on a scary title. And since zombies seem to be the new rage this year, I figured I'd share one of my favorite small press zombie titles. With Asylum, Mark Allan Gunnells does a superb job with creating characters that could easily carry a three hundred page novel instead of a mere eighty pages of story. Breathing life into them, Gunnells invokes an immediate understanding that the majority of the warm bodies in the nightclub are nothing more than zombie food.

Gunnells takes the phrase: “Death is not prejudice,” and executes it to it's fullest, reminding the reader that Good Ol' Mr. Grim doesn't care what color your skin is, if your rich or poor, what religion you practice, or your sexual preference... because in the end everyone will be thinking the same thing: BRAINS!!


So make Mark Allan Gunnells' Asylum, from Zombie Feed Press, the SSP Blog's Pick of the Week!

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