Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Join the Seventh Star Press street team!

This is just a final note to invite anyone interested in participating on the Seventh Star Press street team to please message us at this email address (insert at symbol for "at"): seventhstar at seventhstarpress.com

The street team, the Seventh Star Saints, is going to be a fun one and each member's activity will be individuallly determined, so nobody will have to feel like they are going out of their way. Activities will be aligned with the kind of activities that a person already is involved in, whether that is being active online in forums, going to conventions and book fairs, or frequenting local spots like bookstores and libraries.

We are going to have some great rewards, involving exclusive memorabilia, other gifts, and a regular big discount in the SSP online store.

We have a "secret" facebook group for the Seventh Star Saints too, to protect privacy of members and discussions.

So if you like our authors, such as D.A. Adams, David Blalock, Jackie Gamber, Steven Shrewsbury, Michael West, or Stephen Zimmer, and want to help, then just drop us a note and we will explain more!

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