Monday, May 16, 2011

Jackie Gamber visits Stuck in Books and Amberkatze's Book Blog

A couple of newer visits on the online Redheart Tour to report to everyone. The first is a new interview, review, and a giveaway hosted on Stuck in Books. The second is a guest posting from Jackie on being a writer, accompanied by a contest/giveaway, on Amberkatze's Book Blog.

Every interview and blog post Jackie is doing on the Redheart Tour is unique, and you can learn something new about her on each one. This tour is a great chance for you to get acquainted with Jackie and her work, and if you buy eBooks, the $1.99 price is a pretty good way to get acquainted with Jackie's work (on Kindle, iPad, Nook, and other formats).

Here are the latest links:

Stuck In Books Interview, Review, and Giveaway:

Guest Posting and Contest on AmberKatze's Book Blog:

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