Monday, November 29, 2010

Thrall limited edtion pre-order deadline this wednesday

Since it is Cyber Monday, we wanted to give a friendly reminder that pre-orders on Steven Shrewsbury's Thrall is this Wednesday. After Wednesday, if this version does not sell out, the price will rise significantly on any remaining packages.

There are lots of options available, including a softcover version of the package, and an option where you can get the new Gorias La Gaul t-shirt for just over 8 dollars. Please give this package some consideration, as you will be supporting an excellent author and small press at the same time. Plus, your book will last longer than the useable lifespan of the latest electronic gadget, most of which will be obsolete in two years.

While you are visiting the online store, you can also see the packages for Dream of Legends, Stephen Zimmer's new Fires in Eden installment. The deadline for pre-orders on that one is December 8th.

Click here to go to the online store

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