Friday, August 21, 2009

Seventh Star Press Podcast Episode 2, Featuring Jon Klement, Creator of the Smerdiverse!

Episode 2 of the Seventh Star Podcast is now up! In this episode, Stephen visits with Jon Klement, the mastermind behind the Smerdiverse, which includes the enchanting P'ckit Dragons (such as Smerd himself!), Black Lotus (who is being featured in webisodes in the near future), and Velocity Girl and Xuan Hu (who are featured in a series of novels available in print and on eBook). Some of his fans have even compared him to an early stage Stan Lee!

It is not easy being the creator of a universe, but Jon has pulled it off and we invite you all to take a look into his fascinating world! The Smerdiverse is on its way to becoming a mega-hit!

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